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15 Year Warranty This product carries a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty ag…


15 Year Warranty

This product carries a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty against faulty materials or workmanship during normal wear and tear, including:

  • Coils or wires that protrude, loosen, break or rip through mattress fabric;
  • Body indentations of 30mm or greater;
  • Sagging - provided mattress is used on matching foundation with appropriate frame & that slats are no more than 80mm apart.

This warranty does not extend to mattress fabric (e.g. stains, soiling or burns), normal wear or tear caused by misuse or negligence, or damage caused by lack of compliance with manufacturer’s instructions or improper use of foundation or frame.


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Dimensions (mm):
Queen: 1530(W) x 2030(L) x 318(H)
Dimensions (mm):
King: 1830(W) x 2030(L) x 318(H)
Queen size
King size
Product Material:
Quilt layers: supersoft tencel fabric
Product Material:
Comfort layers: Euro top, gel visco & charcoal foam
Product Material:
Support system: 1300 individual pocket springs separated into 5 zones with foam encased box edging


The premium Platinum Support mattress features a euro top, 5 zones of individually wrapped pocket springs, gel visco, charcoal foam & encased edge support for a dreamy night’s sleep. The Platinum Support mattress is of medium firmness & is available in queen or king size.


  • Quilting- thick tencel fabric (which is super soft & breathable) + convoluted foam for resilience and lasting comfort.
  • Euro top- an extra layer of comfort which covers the entire surface of the mattress top and is flush with each side of the mattress so it looks more like part of the bed.
  • Gel visco- is designed to mould to the shape of your body to ensure correct spinal support & remove pressure from shoulders & hips. Also has cooling gel infused into the foam to moderate temperature whilst sleeping.
  • Charcoal foam- antibacterial & antimicrobial. Adds freshness & helps reduce odours.
  • Pocket springs- 1300 individually wrapped springs offer balanced support & significantly minimise the disturbance from a partner. Springs are separated into 5 zones with variable tension for weight distribution & spinal support.
  • Foam boxed edge support- firm polyurethane foam is used around pocket springs to provide edge support around the complete mattress whilst sitting or sleeping.

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