Timber Care


Timber furniture products require different levels of care depending on both:

  1. The type of timber- e.g. Victorian Ash, Tasmanian Oak, Blackwood etc.
  2. The treatment to the timber- e.g. polished varnish, lacquer, paint etc.

As a general rule, timber should be first cleaned with a damp cloth to remove everyday soiling, dust and grime. Further to this, oiled timber products may require stripping and oiling on an annual or bi-annual basis. For the majority of timber furniture pieces, basic timber care products such as timber wax and furniture reviver may be used to enhance the natural timber grain and polished surfaces.

By Dezign does not supply timber care products, although they are widely available from supermarkets and hardware stores.

Timber care products

  • Timber wax: where appropriate, this may be used to protect timber from harsh external elements, moisturise the surface and prevent drying, enhance the lustre of the timber and prevent dust and dirt from blocking timber pores.
  • Furniture reviver: this is ideal for rejuvenating faded surfaces and light timber scratches. It can also be used in conjunction with timber wax.
  • Furniture repair crayons: these can be used to fill scratches, marks and nicks.
  • Wax putty: putty is a tinted wax base, which can be used to repairing minor scratches, holes and dents in furniture, and may be coated with lacquers, varnishes and paint to ensure a smoother finish.
  • Scratch fixing pens: these can be used to repair and cover minor scratches, dents and marks, similar to furniture repair crayons.
  • Beeswax: By Dezign offers a range of eclectic furniture, in timbers such as mahogany and mango wood. These items can be prone to small cracks, which is part of the rustic nature and ageing process of the timber and beeswax can easily be used to fill these.

With all timber care products, you should always use in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions and check to see what types of timber surfaces the product is suitable for.