5 Year Leather Plan

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Short Description:
4-7 Seats


What does the warranty cover?

  • All stains from food and beverages, human and pet bodily fluids and common household substances including cosmetics, acids, bleaches, corrosives, glues etc.
  • Incidental damage including scuffs, rips, tears and burns.
  • One claim for pet damage.

How does the warranty work?

  • The warranty comes with a product care kit, which allows the purchaser to easily clean, maintain and protect furniture products. Products in the care kit must be used in accordance with directions and recommended methods.
  • If damaged or stained furniture cannot be repaired using products from the care kit, Premium Care will arrange a profession technician to service the affected area at no cost.
  • Should the technician be unable to clean or repair the furniture, replacement of the affected area will be arranged at no cost.
  • Premium Care will service the furniture under the terms of the warranty, an unlimited number of times over the 5 year period, at no cost, up to the value of the original purchase price.

Terms & Conditions:

  • The warranty is only applicable to new furniture and must be acquired at time of purchase or before the delivery of the goods.
  • The warranty only applies to furniture intended for private use, and delivered soil or damage free.
  • Service requests must be made within 10 days of incident occurrence.
  • Due to dye batch and pattern variations, Premium Care's obligation is limited to supplying as close a replacement as reasonably possible.
  • The warranty expires when the aggregate cost to Premium Care of cleaning, repairs or replacement of the new furniture is reasonably estimated to exceed the original purchase price.
  • The warranty is neither payable in cash nor redeemable in cash.
  • The warranty is applicable and valid only in Australia and New Zealand, and to the original purchaser only.