Choosing The "Right" Wall Art

Choosing The "Right" Wall Art

4th Jul 2024

Choosing the right artwork for your space can completely transform a room, showing off your personality and setting the mood. Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect pieces.

1. Find the Right Size

Wall Space and Proportion: Make sure the size of your artwork matches your wall space. A tiny piece on a big wall can look lost, while a large piece on a small wall can be overwhelming. A good rule of thumb is to choose art that’s about two-thirds to three-quarters the width of the furniture below it.

Grouping Smaller Pieces: If you have several smaller artworks, try creating a gallery wall. This lets you showcase multiple pieces without needing one big artwork to fill the space.

2. Choose the Right Material

Canvas: Canvas art is super versatile and can be modern, abstract, or classic. And the texture of the canvas can add depth and character to the piece. Plus, canvas pieces are lighter and can often be hung with removable hooks, which is great if you’re renting and can’t drill into the walls.

Framed Prints with Glass: These give a more polished, formal look and protect the artwork from dust and damage. But they’re heavier and need more secure hanging, so are ideal if they are likely to remain as permanent fixtures.

3. Think about the Colour Scheme

Harmonising with Existing Decor: Look at the main colours in your room and choose art that complements them. It doesn’t need to match perfectly, but there should be a sense of harmony. For instance, if your room has lots of blues and greens, artwork with similar tones will fit right in.

Creating Contrast: Or, go for art that contrasts with your current colour scheme to make it stand out. Bold, vibrant pieces can pop in a neutral room and make a statement.

4. Reflect Your Style and Personality

There’s a saying that the best wine is the wine you love best. The same goes for art. Wall art doesn’t have to be expensive or make a deep statement about the world. Choose pieces that you love and that resonate with you. Maybe a picture of a dreamy coastal shore makes you happy—go for it!

Contemporary Decor: If your decor is modern, think about abstract art with bold colours and shapes.

Traditional Spaces: For a more classic look, consider landscapes, still lifes, or portraits. These can add timeless elegance to your room.

5. Consider the Room’s Function

Living Room and Entryway: These are great places for statement pieces that show off your style. Large canvases or framed prints work well here.

Bedrooms and Private Spaces: Choose calming artwork for more intimate areas like bedrooms. Soft colours and serene scenes are often perfect.

6. Placement and Hanging

Eye Level: Generally, hang artwork at eye level, which is about 145-155 inches from the floor to the centre of the piece. This makes sure it’s easily viewable and well-placed in the space.

Spacing: For a gallery wall, keep the spacing between pieces consistent, around 5-10cm. Use a level to make sure everything is straight.


Picking the right artwork involves a mix of your personal taste and some basic design principles. By thinking about size, material, colour, and room function, you can find pieces that enhance your home’s look and make it feel uniquely yours. Remember, the best art is the one that speaks to you!