Safety Information



Customer safety is our priority at By Dezign.

Each year, toppling furniture & TVs cause serious injury & death among small children in Australia. By taking a few simple steps, you can ensure your family are not at risk.

  1. Avoid opening all drawers at the same time to avoid furniture tipping.
  2. Restrict small children from climbing on furniture.
  3. Anchor your furniture to the wall using anti-tip anchors.

By Dezign provides anti-tip anchors which can be used to secure your furniture to the wall to ensure furniture will not topple & crush a child. If anchors are not supplied within your furniture packaging, please ask our reception area to provide them. Anchors can also be purchased from your local hardware supplier.

The following furniture items should be anchored for safety reasons:

  • Bedroom storage over 500mm tall (including chest of drawers, tallboys, dressers, wardrobes & bedside tables)
  • Bookcases over 600mm tall
  • Storage cubes & modular units over 600mm tall
  • Entertainment units over 500mm tall
  • Buffets, hutches & hall tables over 500mm tall

Anchors are easy to install, but if you are unsure, please seek professional advice. Before installing anchors, check for any electrical wires or plumbing inside your wall & ensure you use the appropriate wall fixings for your wall material.

There are 3 main types of anchors supplied with our furniture:




Anchor 2



Anchor 3



For further information regarding toppling furniture, please consult the ACCC Toppling Furniture Guide.